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Investment testimonials in Colombia

Jesus Velandia - Investor

Investor since January 2019: “The platform is simple and friendly. The whole process has been very easy and fast. I already have 3 investments made where I have earned 20%. I will make more investments when I have more savings available.”

Jose Velazco - Investor

Investor since January 2019: “I have been able to obtain better returns that are not possible in traditional investments. Invest Latam has supported me throughout the investment. It has been managed well and they are very present to attend to any request”.

Marco Rodriguez - Investor

Investor since March 2019: "It has been a very good experience and an excellent investment opportunity for a small capital"

Guarantees when investing in Colombia

For each investment you will receive 3 guarantees that cover +100% of your loan:

Co-debtor being the
Legal Representative of the company

Company guarantee:
Afiancol: Protection 80% capital
Second Co-debtor
Assignment of contract with large client

Invest Latam Guarantee:
Protection up to 30 days in arrears with daily payment agreed by Invest Latam

We verify everything for your investment

All information provided to us by companies is verified by a second source.
These are some of the checks we do:

Legal Representative

Verification in RUES
Signature authentication
Central Risk


Board of accountants
Validation of contact details


Validation with third party
Verification of contact details

Financial information

Accounting verification
Risk Center
Interview with the company

Why we?
Profitability of + 25% per year
+4,000 registered investors
Collection by Invest Latam
+ $20 billion borrowed to date
Free process for investors
How do we protect you?
Co-debtor responsible for his private assets
Additional guarantee covering +100% your investment
I will pay your name
We interviewed the Representative, the Accountant and the Guarantee
Companies verified by an in-house anti-fraud system

Risks when investing in Colombia

Small business loans have a higher risk than a CDT: that's why the return is higher.
Small businesses depend on the economic environment and timely payment from their own customers.

In 2021, the delays do not exceed 90 days, however, it is common for companies to be delayed between several days and 4 weeks.
Do not invest if you are not comfortable with some delays.
Investors lending at 18% per annum understand that there may be delays and are comfortable with that risk.

If you prefer to have better payment security, we recommend investing in CDTs or Fixed Income Funds that will give you returns close to inflation but will be more secure.