Invest Latam

Introduction: How much could you earn?

You negotiate

It depends on what you negotiate with the companies. You will earn more if you negotiate a high interest rate. However, you have competition, and any user who offers a lower interest rate will be preferred by the company.

Global figures

In statistical terms, in Colombia multinationals have loans with 41.9% per annum * for Microcredit, 20.4% per annum * for Consumers and 10.7% per annum for Real Estate Credit (March 2018, between 31-365 days, all financial institutions, Central Bank).

The risks and how we reduce them

Important: your capital is at risk and you can lose it.
We reduce this risk in the following way:

1. All companies are verified by an external advisor specialized in credit risk.
2. We verify suppliers and customers to get to know the company better.
3. Companies sign a promissory note with several co-debtors to reduce the risk of loss.
4. We are allied with Interia, a company with experience in the collection of arrears.
5. We have allied lawyers who are in charge of representing investors in case of loss.
6. We provide judicial insurance.
7. We denounce the company to the Credit Bureau in Colombia.