Invest Latam

Introduction: What is the cost?

Transparent costs

The process is free for investors. Companies pay us a commission based on the loan amount as below:

Amount raised (COP$ Millions)     Fee (1)
From $5M-$39,9M 11%
From $40M+ 7%

At the time of delivering the funds to the company, you will have to pre-pay us the commission which will be reimbursed back to you in the course of the loan repayment.
(1) Fee excludes taxes.


You agreed to lend COP $ 5,000,000 at a rate of 20% per year for one year as part of a total loan of $ 60,000,000.

The company when making the credit request, authorized the 5% commission to be discounted from the loan amount. This value will be reimbursed by the company within the monthly loan installments.

Find here the calculations:

Loan amount $5 000 000
Invest Latam fee excluding taxes 5% $250 000
(+) VAT 19% $47 500
(-) Source withholding 11% $27 500
(-) ICA withholding 1.104% $2 760
Net fee to Invest Latam $267 240
Capital to transfer to the company $4 732 760
Total loan value $5 000 000