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Payback issues: What happens?


Nobody likes defaults, much less when they have trusted your company. Our platform is based on trust and repayment. However, in case of default we have several stages to protect investors:

  1. In the first 5 days, we talk to you about the reason for the delay, provide information and assistance.
  2. is After 5 days, we give your information to a company specialized in portfolio collection that will be responsible for collecting the arrears. This service also has an additional cost that you will be liable for.
  3. The co-debtors come to pay in your name.
  4. We have a team of lawyers specialized in bringing arrears to court.
  5. We make a report for the Credit Bureau.

Keep talking to us

We take defaults very seriously. To avoid ending up in a poor economic situation, please talk to us beforehand and we will provide you with help and support.