Invest Latam

Registration: Required documents


We want to offer a friendly but at the same time rigorous process so that investors feel comfortable using our platform. For this purpose, we need to include documentation to support your application. The list of documents includes:

  1. Legal representative, partners and co-debtors:
    1. Identification document
    2. Proof of address
  2. Company:
    1. Partial Financial results (With Annexes)
    2. Partial General Balance (With Annexes)
    3. Statement of Income and Annual Balance Sheet with Notes
    4. Income Tax Return (Last 2 years)
    5. Declaration of Members' Income (Last 2 years)
    6. Chamber of Commerce Certificate (Less than 30 days)
    7. Bank account certificate (Minimum 1 year since opened)
  3. References:
    1. Contact of your clients (Maximum 3)
    2. Contact of your suppliers (Maximum 3)