Invest Latam

Introduction: What is the cost?

Transparent costs

Our costs are transparent and you can consult them at any time. They are divided into 3 categories:

1. Commission: In order to keep the platform in good working order and to be able to obtain better alternatives and rates, Invest Latam charges a single fee of only 3.5% of the requested value. This must be paid at the time of the initial disbursement.

2. Interests: Payment interest that you have selected from the users. This payment must be made monthly along with the corresponding capital during the established term.

3. Foreign Investors: In case you are obtaining loans from users outside of Colombia, transactions should be made through financial institutions that charge 2.49% on the transferred amount plus USD 15 each time you want to make a transfer. With the aim of reducing the impact of this fee, these transfers will be made every 180 days to investors.

Cost summary





3.5% collected amount    

Fee to Invest Latam


Interest and Capital

Reimbursment to lenders


2.49% + USD 15

Additionalcost to foreign lenders