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Registration: How to register?

Let us begin

To start negotiating with investors, you have to register on the platform.


The legal representative or someone with the authority to claim funds on behalf of the company.

What information?

You must send financial and tax documents, and others, to assess your ability to pay (See Registry - Required Documents). You will also have to provide personal data and references from clients and suppliers.

Who is involved?

The legal representative, partners and co-debtors must be verified against money laundering, corruption and funding of terrorism. We monitor that key people have a good credit history.


A credit check will be performed by expert partners who will assess the financial situation of the company. With your approval we will check your credit history with the Credit Bureau. We will also call your references to get a better insight into your behavior.


The cost of the analysis is COP $200,000.


The process is divided into three parts:
First, the quality of the company key people profile is verified. It takes seconds to get a result.
Second, the ability of the company to pay is analyzed, which takes 3 business days.
Third, we check your references. The process takes up to 3 days depending on the quality of the information and the ease of contacting your referrals.

How much?

Our partner will indicate your maximum monthly payment ability and your maximum target amount according to your assigned credit score. You will have the option to modify the loan term or the amount according to your maximum ability to pay before going live.