Invest Latam

Ending the auction: Sending payments to multi investors

Monthly payments

You can have up to 19 investors, meaning that each month you will have to process 19 transfers. To facilitate this operation, we recommend making automatic transfers from your account if the investors are in Colombia.

Payments abroad

For payments abroad we have two allies: ePayCo and AcciValores who are responsible for distributing the funds abroad at a competitive rate.

Only for your investors outside of Colombia:

  1. You will pay your monthly reimbursement to ePayCo. The service will cost 2.49% of the amount transferred.
  2. They keep the accumulated money up to 180 days.
  3. They send the funds to Accivalores.
  4. Accivalores will send the money to your investors abroad as you indicated ePayco. Each recipient is charged 15 USD which is paid by you. The exchange rate will be negotiated with you. By having Western Union as an ally, they have a very competitive exchange rate.